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Visit Virtown: Newport Convent

Virtown is a project run by primary school teachers in the Convent of Mercy Primary school, Newport. Children create plans for houses using their maths skills such as measuring area, budgetting for furniture etc. The house plans are then transformed into 3D models and a digital copy of the town is created - check out the video below!

Thanks to Social Entrepreneurs' Ireland (SEI) and the EU for supporting previous versions of the project!

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Children planning and building their houses in the school hall.

Well done to the girls in Newport Convent, Tipperary who successfully used their maths skills to build one of our towns. The girls planned and designed the houses that were then sent off to a 3D designer to recreate the houses in digital format.

The project was part of the European Year of Youth and funding was provided by the EU and Leargas for the project. We'd like to thank the girls, the school, the EU and Leargas for allowing this project to happen.

Click on the video below to take a tour of the town and check out the girls work!


Well done girls!

We're hoping to working with more schools in the new year to build even more towns so keep an eye on this website.

Click the video below to check out the final result of the children's maths work! They built a town using their maths skills!
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