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Visit Virtown: Newport Convent

Mr. O'Brien's 5th class version

Kora - thumbnail - screenshot.png
B1 - Faye & Niamh.png
Play button.png
  • Click on the picture to be taken to a new window with Virtown: Newport Convent.

  • Click on the           icon.

  • Use the arrow keys to move.

  • Click the sound button in the bottom right to get audio

Town map Virtown: Newport Convent

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Week2 screenshots.png
A1 - Faye & Lucy.png
B1 - Faye & Niamh.png
C1 - Aoibhinn & Vivien.png
D1 - Aoife.png
E1 - Clíona & Orlagh.png
E2 - Roisin & Holleigh.png
D2 - Nicola & Isabelle.png
C2 - Aoife & Julia.png
B2 - Kora & Shauna.png
B1 - Faye & Niamh.png
G1 - Annie Alisha.png
F1 - Lilly Mai & Ella.png
F2 - Holly & Lucy.png
Lilly Mai & Lucy - D3.png
Jack & William - C3.png
Clíona - J8.png
Kora - J1.png

Design-a-park competition

Park 1

Clíona and Orlagh.png
3D - Cliona and Orlagh.png

Park 2

Faye Lucy Holly Lilly May.png
3d Faye Holly Lucy Lilly May.png

Park 3

Kora, Vivien, Aoibhinn.png
Kora, Vivien, Aoibhinn.png

Park 4

Roisin Holleigh Alisha Annie.png
Roisin Holleigh Alisha Annie.png

Park 5

Shauna, Isabelle, Faye.png
Shauna Isabelle Faye#.png

Park 6

Sophia, Lucy, Aoife.png
Sophia Lucy Aoife.png

Vote by clicking on your favourite Park below and pressing "Submit." Thank you for voting!

Town Information Virtown: Newport Convent

Project list Virtown: Newport Convent

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