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About Virtown

​Virtown aims to improve numeracy and engagement in maths in primary schools using project based learning (PBL).

Virtown allows primary school maths students to use the maths concepts they study on the curriculum (measurements, money, area, data etc) to design and create a virtual town, a Virtown; allowing the children to apply the maths they learn in class to the real world.

Schools purchase a subscription that allows the teacher access to the Virtown platform and resources needed to complete the 6-week project.


Walking tour - Virtown: Newport Convent, created by 5th class Newport Convent, Tipperary.


How does Virtown work?

Students create their building's design in class using paper and Virtown stickers

Screenshot 2023-05-01 151807.png

Example: VirtBucks Café created by Orlagh

Paper plans are converted into 2D floor plans by the Virtown team


Virtbucks - 2D floorplan.png

Example: Orlagh's designs for VirtBucks Café converted into 2D floorplans

Virtbucks - 3D plan.png

Finished 3D model is built by Virtown team and inserted into the town


Example: VirtBucks Café as completed 3D model.




​Like residents of all thriving cosmopolitan cities, Virtonians enjoy a cup of coffee to start their day. The town had been growing rapidly and Virtonians were often heard around the town complaining of having to jump in the car and get on the M9 motorway to Capital City to get their fresh brew.

Orlagh spotted this niche in the market and decided to create a café in Virtown: Newport Convent. Using the maths she had learned in school, Orlagh set about planning a new café for the town.


CAFE - Orlagh.png

Using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division she was soon able to select furniture from the Virtown catalogue and budget for a comfortable decor for the café's customers.

Completing the planning permission and getting it approved by the notoriously fickle Virtonian Planning Authority (VPA) was no problem as Orlagh could use what she had learned in school about perimeter, area and co-ordinates to correctly fill out all the paperwork.  


Example : Virtbucks Café


Viewing Virtbucks Café


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We are currently running a pilot of Virtown with Mr. O'Brien's 5th class in Newport Convent, Tipperary.

To see our the pilot, click here to visit the webpage - visit Virtown: Newport Convent

Newport Convent Sign.png

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